The New Zealand Open Source Society is a non-profit organisation set up to educate, advocate and advance the use of Open Source Software in New Zealand.

About us

The New Zealand Open Source Society is a non-profit organisation set up to protect, advocate and advance the use of Open Source Software in New Zealand.

NZOSS represents Open Source users, creators and contributors in New Zealand by promoting software, representing the interests of the community to Government and the education sector. It also supports community user groups.


Community - it's us!

Free and Open Source Software exists because of, and for the benefit of a community. With FOSS, the user is the developer - the FOSS community charts its own direction and sinks or swims on its unity, enthusiasm, and ability to deliver working code.
It's simple: Free and Open Source software is what it is because of what all of us do.


NZOSS AGM on Thursday, 4 August

The NZOSS 2011 AGM has been held. Thanks to all who took the time to participate.


The NZOSS will be holding its Annual General Meeting at 7pm this coming Thursday, 4 August. Groups connected by video and/or teleconference will be meeting at venues Auckland (at ICONZ), Wellington (at Catalyst IT) and Christchurch (at Egressive) - with meeting business to take place on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Free and Open Source Strategy for Wellington

Jack Yan has approached the NZOSS asking if we can put our collective heads together and come up with the a FOSS friendly strategy for Wellington. Jack is one of the candidates running in this year's Wellington Mayoral elections (see

Opening up Council meetings

Welcome to Spring!

The year’s flown by. As part of a number of conversations the Council has been having recently about being more transparent and communicative, we’ve decided to start openly publishing the decisions and actions that come out of each Council meeting.

Our reasons are multiple, and mirror some of the primary principles behind open government:

NZOSS Council for 2017-18

We are pleased to announce our new NZOSS Council - there are seven of us, with one new, and one returning, councillor!

Our new councillor is aimee whitcroft, based in Wellington, who has a strong background in Open Gov't, Open Data, and generally working in and around software. She brings the valuable skills of hyper-literacy, technical savvy, great organisational skills, and bountiful constructive energy.

GovHack Hamilton networked by open source FAUCET

You are only as free as the tools you use. This notion articulates a key challenge of our times. We are surrounded by tech, it permeates our work, play and homes.

Launch of 2017 Tech Manifesto

Today, 18 national technology sector communities are launching our 2017 Tech Manifesto.

The goal of this collectively composed manifesto is to guide party policy in the technical area going into the 2017 national election. It represents the united front of our many NZ-wide technology-focused communities and is, we trust, an informative and compelling read for any prospective leaders of NZ.

Lenovo laptops available for Linux users

Silicon Systems, an NZ-based Lenovo reseller (among other things), has extended an updated offer to NZOSS members, making 2 Lenovo laptop models available without Windows pre-installed. That means you can buy them without paying for a proprietary operating system you neither need nor want. The models are

NZOSS Council for 2016-17

Yesterday's AGM, included participants from around New Zealand using open standards-based video conferencing software to meet, virtually, and fulfil our Society's obligations for an Annual General Meeting. 

The assembled group has provided us with a streamlined Council (as intended) for the coming year:

President's Report 2015-16


First I'd like to say a big thanks to our NZOSS Councillors for the past year:

NZ Open Source Award 2016 Finalists Announced

From the NZOSA press release email:

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