Microsoft announce partnership with Creative Commons

Posted on: June 21, 2006 - 22:46 By: crb

Microsoft have recently announced a new partnership with Creative Commons, the organization dedicated to providing content producers a legal alternative to "all rights reserved" copyright law, to offer a new tool for easy insertion of Creative Commons licenses into works created with Microsoft Office.

Read more from Rob Mensching, Microsoft's open-source WIX toolkit guy.

Red Hat Serious on New Zealand

Red Hat is getting more serious about supporting New Zealand by establishing a technical and marketing person in New Zealand. Red Hat, one of the most popular commercial distributions of Linux has had a low profile in New Zealand until recently. ComputerWorld have been running Red Hat banner advertising, and there has been improved communication with the local open source community.

Nandor: Open Source not so radical

Nandor Tanczos has long been a supporter of Open Source, and has made efforts to introduce Open Source applications to Parliament. Today the New Zealand Herald published a opinion article from Nandor on Open Source. Nandor says "To me, open source has been a perfect illustration of the Green Party belief that an open, co-operative decision path makes the most ethical, economic and environmental sense."

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