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Update 1/12/2016 - this information is not current. Many of these companies still exist, but this information was entered as long as 5 years ago. We're currently working on a more up-to-date register...

These are NZ-based companies who have a commitment to Free and Open Source software in NZ. They build FOSS, they contribute to existing FOSS communities and projects, they provide commercial support and services to businesses who use FOSS, they export FOSS, they sponsor and participate in FOSS-focused events, and their made up of dedicated FOSS community members.

  • 3months is an agile, open source development company specialising in quick to market, bespoke web development using Ruby on Rails. We work with our clients in an environment of trust and transparency where risks are shared, progress is constantly visible and change is embraced. Over the last 10 years our dedicated and personable team have built some of the most exciting and innovative sites in New Zealand.

  • Catalyst is a fully New Zealand owned company, directed and staffed by bright and intelligent Information Technology experts who deliver critical open source business systems to some of NZ's largest organisations.

  • Egressive is an open source software company. We build and host CMS based websites built with Drupal, rich web applications (primarily using Ruby on Rails) and integrate and support business IT systems using Ubuntu and Debian Linux. We provide strategic IT consulting services and assist businesses and organisations in migrating to free and open source infrastructure, both on the server and the desktop.

  • Gravity Computing Limited offer specialised consulting and development within Calc and Microsoft Excel. An overwhelming number of companies rely on these spreadsheeting programs to assist them with day-to-day functions; however as business grows, the original solution is usually not the best. Gravity Computing works with these documents, and can build in task automation, data visualisation, dashboards, consistency & accuracy checks, and even provide training.

  • Ingres is the leading open source database management company, combining proven reliability with the value and flexibility of open source. Built on over 25 years of technology investment, we are the world’s second largest open source company and the pioneer of the New Economics of IT.

    With more than 10,00 customers worldwide, Ingres offers open source solutions at lower costs than proprietary software vendors.

    For more information visit

  • Open Parallel is a software company that works around multicore and
    manycore systems and parallel programming independently of the size of
    the problems. Our solutions are scalable to any number of CPUs,
    computers or systems. We advise and provide software and hardware
    solutions tailored to your data and needs, whether on a single
    desktop, or on a massively parallel supercomputing cluster. We push
    the technology right for the problem, we are not bound to one

  • OSS is New Zealand's leading independent provider of standards-based enterprise IT infrastructure and services. 100% locally owned, OSS works with its clients and partners to select, design, implement and support strategic computing infrastructure based on standards-based components and industry best practice.

  • TechnologyWise is an IT service provider and support company specialising in the business and education markets.

    Our team is committed to building IT systems for the future of your business. We have a strong focus on open source software, which enables us to provide cost-effective business solutions.

    Based in Tauranga, TechnologyWise supports networks, servers and PCs for all systems and platforms, ncluding Linux, Mac & Windows. We also install and support web-based applications such as CRM systems, content management systems and wikis.

  • Treshna enterprises has been developing opensource projects since the late 90's.
    We have developed and supported a lot of open source projects over the year, and have
    made a successful consultany business around selling services associtaed with the open
    source software we have developed. Treshna specalises in databases and android solutions. For more information visit

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