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Members of the New Zealand Open Source Society come from all walks of life. There are various means to interact and 'network' with other like minded people, in a variety of places and contexts. Here is a small (and evolving) list of the various communities and groups that may provide a means to meet and interact with NZOSS members and supporters. To get involved, we encourage you to join our community mailing lists.

Societies and Clubs

Groups like InternetNZ and the New Zealand Computer Society often feature supporters of Free and Open Source Software in their membership. In New Zealand we are fortunate to have supporters from across the Information Technology industry; New Zealand is a hotbed for FOSS development and this is represented through groups such as this.

User and Developer Groups

Many Free and Open Source packages have strong user communities who exchange news, views and how-tos with other enthusiasts via mailing lists, online forums and face-to-face meetings. Some of the biggest of these are groups such as Linux and BSD user groups; PHP and Python user groups and online forums such as those offered by Geekzone and Computerworld.

Social Networking Sites

With the popularity of Social Networking sites it is unsuprising that FOSS enthusiasts are utilising these to keep in touch with eachother and the latest in developments in that arena. Online news and discussion sites such as Slashdot, or even cartoon/entertainment sites such as and XKCD have strong supporters of Open Source and Free Software involved.

The Society has a group entry on the Professional Social Networking site LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a Professional focus, that is, it is driven around the desire to develop business and industry contacts. Members and supporters of the NZOSS are welcome to Join the NZOSS Group but should be aware that in order to have the NZOSS logo next to your name, your involvement in the society will be checked. Applicants who can not be validated as involved in the NZOSS will not be accepted.

There is also an Identica group for members who are into micro-blogging and a blog aggregator for all Open Source blogs in New Zealand.

Ongoing Developments

This article, and the list of groups that NZOSS members may be found in or may be interested in supporting, is under development. Please make contact with Mark Foster (For the moment you can use this form) if you have any suggestions or recommendations.

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