The New Zealand Open Source Society is a non-profit organisation set up to educate, advocate and advance the use of Open Source Software in New Zealand.

About us

The New Zealand Open Source Society is a non-profit organisation set up to protect, advocate and advance the use of Open Source Software in New Zealand.

NZOSS represents Open Source users, creators and contributors in New Zealand by promoting software, representing the interests of the community to Government and the education sector. It also supports community user groups.


Community - it's us!

Free and Open Source Software exists because of, and for the benefit of a community. With FOSS, the user is the developer - the FOSS community charts its own direction and sinks or swims on its unity, enthusiasm, and ability to deliver working code.
It's simple: Free and Open Source software is what it is because of what all of us do.


2012 NZ Open Source Awards

The NZOSS was very pleased to be a part, as a community supporter, of the NZ Open Source Awards which took place this past Wednesday night in Wellington. The event was superbly organised and run by the good folks at Catalyst IT and it was an inspiring display of creative energy and commitment to free and open source software by the NZ FOSS community. The full results of the awards are on available on the NZOSA website.

No Software Patents Petition

Last week's announcement that Commerce Minister Craig Foss had submitted a Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) to alter the wording of the Patents Bill prior to its second reading in Parliament rightly raised the ire of the New Zealand software industry.

Software Patents: Thrown Under A Bus

With the removal of the explicit software patent exclusion, and the addition of two tiny words, "as such", the Commerce Minister, Craig Foss, has more or less thrown kiwi software developers under a bus.



The NZOSS has held its 2012 Annual General Meeting starting at 17:30 this evening, 6 August 2012.

Agenda for 2012 AGM


The agenda for today's AGM is as follows:

1. President's report
2. Treasurer's report
3. Membership summary
4. Councillors and Officers stepping down
6. Officer Elections

Ensure a "Fair Deal" for NZ in the TPPA


We would like to make sure the people of NZ are aware of the work being done behind the scenes to ensure that NZ gets a Fair Deal: that we don't suffer substantial restrictions on our personal liberty and sovereignty as a result of the top secret Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPPA) currently being negotiated on our behalf.

New NZ Lotto Website - built on FOSS

The new Lotto website is now online, and it is open source. It is built on the Silverstripe CMS and web application platform. The site involves a fair amount of money changing hands, and is an example of a transactional website performing a government run and managed activity: i.e. it is a crown entity operating under an Act.

2012 AGM - 6 August, 17:30


The NZOSS will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Monday, 6 August at 17:30. It will take place online (using IRC, the #nzoss room on, with physical locations in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch as well for members to gather.

We will be nominating and electing council members and the executive. If you have any interest in taking part in the council or in running for executive office (president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer), please either nominate yourself, or let others know you're keen!

For your reference, the current executive is:

Android found not to infringe Java Patents

A jury has found that Google did not infringe Oracle patents in the development of Android. Earlier the jury found that Google had infringed Oracle's copyright in it's use of the Java API, but the judge is yet to rule on whether this is fair use. The decision on fair use will be decided by the judge next week.

Privacy Forum 2012 - NZOSS position

On 2 May, I presented the NZOSS' viewpoint on cloud computing privacy issues at the Privacy Forum 2012 (PDF programme) in Wellington - the official name for the day was "Think Big? Privacy in the age of big data". The questions we were asked, and my answers (or at least the notes on which my answers were based) are below.

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