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Benefits of Joining NZOSS

By joining the NZOSS you are showing your support for Free and Open Source Software in New Zealand in a tangible way. Your membership fee enables NZOSS to engage in the following activites

  • Educating the public about Free and Open Source software
  • Advocacy against Software Patents
  • Support local user groups and events
  • Promote and Support Free and Open Source Software in New Zealand

Costs of Joining NZOSS

Individual membership of the NZOSS costs $40/year (professional/waged) and $20/year (student/retired/unwaged) and can be paid directly in to the NZOSS bank account with Westpac. Alternatively you can pay the President or Treasurer in person. To arrange this or any other alternative payment methods please contact our membership administrator. The New Zealand Open Source Society is registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration number CC42367.

How to Join

Joining NZOSS is simple, just sign up for an account on the website. Once you have an account in the database you can pay your membership fee directly into the NZOSS bank account using your username as a reference - once you're logged in, you'll find a link to online payment under your green login tab at the top of the page. If you're already logged in, it's here. Your financial membership of NZOSS is not complete until the Treasurer receives your payment into the bank account. Once you have joined you can select "my account" from your user menu (the green one at the top of the page) to see the current status of your account.

Bank Account Details

To complete your membership of NZOSS please deposit your membership fee ($40) into the following bank account. You MUST ensure that your username is referred to in the deposit. Deposits into the NZOSS bank account without associated usernames will be treated as anonymous donations to the society. Bank: Westpac Branch: Queen St Branch Account No: 03-0104-0411939-00

Past Financial Members

If you have previously been a member of the NZOSS please ensure that when you create your new account you use the same email address so that it is linked to your old record. Unfortunately we are not able to automatically create accounts for previous members. If you have any trouble or can't remember which email address you used please contact the treasurer.


If you have any questions or problems while trying to join NZOSS please contact our membership administrator!