Visual Studio Code: The Editor That Revolutionized Code Writing

Exploring VS Code’s Impact on Development Practices and Its Open Source Foundations

Visual Studio Code, commonly known as VS Code, is more than just a text editor; it’s a cornerstone of modern development workflows. In this section, we delve into what VS Code is, its alignment with open source ethos, and why it has become an indispensable tool for developers worldwide.

What is Visual Studio Code?

VS Code is a free source-code editor developed by Microsoft. It provides support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, and much more. Although it was launched by a commercial company, it is open source and has a license that permits free usage, distribution, and even modification.

VS Code and Open Source Principles

VS Code is a prime example of corporate-led open source done right:

  1. Freedom to Use: Free for everyone, VS Code is equally accessible for students, individual developers, and large enterprises.
  2. Freedom to Study: The editor’s open-source nature allows anyone interested to study its code, thus providing insights into its efficient and extensible design.
  3. Freedom to Modify: You can adapt VS Code to your liking, adding or modifying functionalities, and even contributing back to the source code.
  4. Freedom to Share: A large and vibrant community actively collaborates on extensions and improvements, which can be freely shared and downloaded.

The VS Code Community

The community surrounding VS Code is nothing short of prolific. Developers contribute to a vast marketplace of extensions, providing additional functionalities ranging from language support to version control integrations, and even themes that personalize your coding environment.

Why is VS Code Important?


VS Code is platform-agnostic, offering native support for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It supports multiple programming languages out of the box and even more through extensions.


The VS Code marketplace offers thousands of free extensions, allowing you to tailor the editor to your specific needs.

Developer Experience

Advanced features like IntelliSense for code completion, built-in Git commands, and debugging capabilities make for a top-notch developer experience.

Key Features of VS Code

  • Integrated Terminal: Run shell commands directly within the editor.
  • Debugger: Built-in debugging support with just a click, making the development workflow more streamlined.
  • Live Share: Collaborate with your team in real-time, right within the editor.
  • Settings Sync: Synchronize your settings, extensions, and snippets across multiple machines.

VS Code’s Impact on Open Source and Development

VS Code has broken new ground in making high-quality code editing accessible and customizable. Its open-source model and extensive feature set have democratized software development, allowing anyone to become a more efficient and effective developer.


VS Code is a powerful editor that has significantly impacted software development practices worldwide. Its open-source license and strong community engagement have made it an essential tool for modern coding environments.